At least half of my life was spent in a coastal community where there was always the smell or sound of the sea. There is a creative spirit that dwells there, and when I paint the sea I feel great gifts  of life (and death) are readily available in the very pigments I use.

The sea changes each moment. Living and breathing life into the clouds, the sky, the earth and each of us. The early morning breezes awaken my spirit and the final setting of the sun allows  me to put away the daunting experiences of the day. The wind dies and the gulls sing out!

From the Giant Squid to Voice of the Sea, I believe you will feel the living sea as I have. The Red Tide, Neptune's Daughter, After the Storm, Sea Spray, and Footsteps to the Sea, have all been inspired after I return from a coastal visit to my home in Central Oregon.

I am always surprised to find the sea wherever I am.

Sharon Tillinghast

Water Color/Acrylic/Collage Artist